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Reno-Tahoe and Beyond.


About Me

I picked up my first camera through a school program at the age of 10. I presented at my first GATE showcase that year with a power point called "Lauren's Extraordinary Photos", that had background music of Shania Twain.


In the coming years, I lugged a camera with me everywhere I went. I found so much joy in capturing the usually unnoticed or glanced-over beauty in nature. Many weekends were spent with my parents exploring the Northern California coast and mountains, who always honored my sudden requests for photo stops along the way.

I started college with a declared major in photography and decided to switch my major to something more "sustainable" after a year. I continued to capture special moments for my family and friends and lug my camera everywhere I went.

Now I work my career job full time in addition to my photo business, which allows me so much room for creativity and to meet and connect with the most amazing people, like you!

I'd be honored to capture your special moments!

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